The DAG Series

Data Acquisitions Group formed when two of the founders, Daniel and Peter, left their positions as CIA agents after busting, and immediately befriending, the brilliant hacker, Malachai. Their combined talents allowed them to take black ops contracts from the government and become quite wealthy, playing by their own rules. They even added a legitimate part to the company that handled background checks for businesses. 


However, the top floor is home to an elite field team composed of people who needed a second chance and aren’t afraid to step over the line. People like Mick, a former spy. Or Mateo, an ex-con. The small group are experts at locating and extracting information.

Meting out justice and kicking ass… what more could you wish for in a job?

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Delayed Redemption
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The Members of Data Aquisitions Group

The Founders

In the early days of computing, CIA partners Daniel and Peter arrested Malachai after he successfully hacked into their systems. Instead of imprisoning him, the government hired Malachai. Upon retirement, the three men formed Digital Acquisition Group, where an elite team runs Black Ops missions.


Mick formerly worked for Security Services in Great Britain. After being rescued out of a foreign prison, he chose DAG as his new employer. With his advanced degrees in mathematics and undercover spy training, he was a natural fit. He is also skilled at breaking into buildings and computer networks.


Amy’s sunny appearance belies her skill in unarmed combat and martial arts. Her past career as a narcotics detective prepared her for undercover missions. She was also the star catcher for her college softball team.


Mateo joined his neighborhood gang at age 12 and swiftly moved up in the ranks until he became one of the lieutenants to a notorious drug lord. He is still part of the same gang, except now he works undercover for DAG. He has an aptitude for computers and handguns.


While Archie will not confess to being a former fighter pilot, his skill with a plane is unsurpassed. In addition to dropping off and rescuing team members from hairy situations, he is also DAG’s best sharpshooter and knife enthusiast.


Del- never use her full name Delilah- served as an Emergency Physician during her tenure with the Army. After several years assigned to a combat zone, she developed a disability that led to early retirement. She is DAG’s Team Leader and plans the ops.

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