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Musical Inspiration with Videos!

While I listen to instrumental-only music while writing, I do binge on certain songs to get into the correct mind-set before working on a scene.  I also use music as an idea generator when thinking about a character. The following numbers correspond to the chapters in the book.

Here is a list of the specific songs that helped inspire the chapters of Broken Bits:


  1. Where Did the Angels Go- Papa Roach

Angels are a theme in this book- starting with Mick falling from the sky! Both characters are disillusioned for different reasons and they are about to meet someone who makes them believe in hope again.

  1. Aftermath- Adam Lambert

The first lines summed up the despair that Kit was feeling, what she wanted to tell Mick. “Have you lost your way?  Living in the shadow of the messes that you made?”

  1. I’m Alive- ELO

This is the song Kit is singing while she puts up the tent.  I thought it was a great way to show how different she and Mick were at that point.

Note- If you have never seen this movie, go watch it! It makes no sense but the music is amazing!

  1. Higher Than Heaven- James Durbin

1st Heaven song. Crazily enough, one songwriter helped create both this and the next song(the lead singer of Sixx AM in the next video)

  1. Stars- Sixx AM

Did Mick show Kit heaven that night?  I believe he did!! Another of my favorite bands!

  1. Die to Save You- Sick Puppies

Alot of people say they would die for someone…..but would you do it twice?

  1. Living Inside Myself- Gino Vanelli

The inside of Mick’s mind, poor guy. Such a tormented soul.

  1. Angels- Robbie Williams

Another Angel song.

  1. I’d Lie For You and That’s the Truth- Meatloaf

I love Meatloaf- always have! The truth of why this song fits isn’t revealed until later. “Got your named carved on my soul.” yet “I’d even sell my soul for you.”

  1. Breaking Inside- Shinedown

Another look inside Mick’s head.

  1. Miles Away- Winger

Starring Kip Winger- the main crush of my 20’s.

Kit could feel something was wrong. Suddenly Mick was miles away and it did not look like he was coming back.

  1. Can’t Get It Out of My Head- ELO

This song encapsulates what Kit was feeling as she went through that shoebox of memories.

  1. You Could Have Been With Me- Sheena Easton

I LOVE angry Kit. She came out of nowhere when I was writing.

  1. Out of Love- Toto

“I just want to hold you…Why do fools never learn how to fall out of love?” My favorite band with their most plaintive song. Just wait until you get to the part of the song where the singer begs…have tissues ready!

  1. Break In- Halestorm

They are both such private, contained people at this point, it will take a bombardment to get through.

  1. Wouldn’t Beg For Water- Sheena Easton

Second song by her.  She was huge when I was in high school. I had forgotten about this song until AFTER I had written Mick’s grovel.  It was so perfect, I was stunned.

***I do listen to Brain.FM for music to focus by. If you don’t want to pay for the subscription, find video game soundtracks on YouTube, Spotify, etc. Works the same way.

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