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Jagged Justice Coming Soon!

Book 2 in The DAG Team Series!

Finally! DAG has the Op Amy had waited for- it’s back in Atlanta and concerns her former nemesis, who is now using a charity to move drugs. Her attraction to the man who hired her, a lawyer who wears sweats instead of a suit, is puzzling yet undeniable. Can she solve the case, make amends with her family and handle a new affair?

Hugh has moved onto the life he wants instead of the one his father had envisioned. But first, he has to work with Amy and DAG to help solve how drugs found their way inside his mother’s charity. Of course, the agent DAG sent is just his type- smart, feisty, lethal and gorgeous.

Neither needs an added complication now, but they cannot dismiss their attraction. A short fling leads to deeper feelings until unexpected secrets emerge from both their pasts. Can they work through the challenges or are the revelations too big to overcome?

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