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Book 3 of the DAG Team Series is coming soon!

Please let me know if you are interested and I can send you an e-pub ARC as soon as mid-December.

Tropes include: road trip, forced proximity, protector romance, younger brother’s best friend, ex-con and grumpy/sunshine.

Mateo will do anything to escape his former life of crime. The end is in sight once he completes one last undercover assignment. Not only will he ensure his freedom, this will put a major drug dealer out of business. Things go sideways and he must choose between his Op and the only person who ever believed in him.

Janey clawed her way out of an abusive home-life to make a safe haven for herself. That is, until she is kidnapped by her brother’s drug gang connection. It breaks her heart to realize her brother’s best friend and her teenage crush is still involved with the gang, yet he is her only hope of escape. She should concentrate on survival, not a second chance at their last night together.

Janey and Mateo give into their feelings before all manner of secrets come to light. Can they work through their issues while searching for the last piece of the puzzle Mateo needs to be free? Or is it one betrayal too many to be overcome?

The other agents come together to assist Mateo and Janey. Meanwhile, the mole continues to endanger Ops and personnel at DAG. Narrowing down the list of candidates leads the founders to a horrible discovery.

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