Unsettled Scores


Unsettled Scores

A Black Ops agent seeking vengeance…

And the secretive man who loves her.

For three years, Amy Stuart has blamed herself for the death of her sister, and it’s caused an estrangement with her family. She vows to get revenge on the vicious drug lord. The Data Acquisition Group’s newest mission will put her right in the crosshairs of her nemesis. Hired by Hugh Bainbridge IV to discover how drugs are being smuggled into his mother’s charity, Amy vows to not only gather intelligence, but to kill the drug dealer who so brutally destroyed her family.

Yet when she starts investigating, it’s Hugh who holds her captivated, not her quest for justice. A lawyer who wears sweats instead of suits, Hugh has carved out a new life for himself outside of the expectations of his father. Amy is just his type: smart, feisty, and lethally gorgeous. But can she handle all his secrets?

As Amy gets closer to the cold-blooded murderer from her past, she’ll have to choose between revenge and love—for time is running out.

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