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The Big Idea:

The core idea of an undercover operative in a drug gang began after I watched an episode of “21 Jump Street” back in 1987. Yes- the idea has been rolling around in my head for decades.

The editor for Broken Bits, Lauren Plude, encouraged me to flesh out Mick’s teammates so that I could expand the book into a series. My first thought- Whoa! No way am I that talented! The second thought was- Wait! I can use that idea in one of the books! Plus, I love reading series.

Janey is named in honor of my great-aunt Janie Dingler, despite them being totally different. Aunt Janie was the opposite of my determined, quiet grandmother. When I was around 7 and she was in her 60’s, Aunt Janie taught me how to dance the Hustle. She was bold and enthusiastic- what I hope I am in my 60s.

I may not read reviews this time. I have a thick skin, but Mateo and especially Janey are precious to me after living in my head for so long. Plus, the steamy scenes are spicier this time.

I only hope readers enjoy seeing Mateo and Janey reach their Happily Ever After.

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