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Q and A with the DAG Team and Partners

  • Most likely to attend a musical theater show?
    • Kit- Mick would hold her hand while she cried during Les Mis or West Side Story
  • Least likely to suffer a gym injury?
    • Daniel because he shuns the gym
  • Who is the best dancer?
    • Mateo
  • Who has two left feet?
    • Peter
  • Most likely to go on a cruise?
    • Peter because he would be stuck and forced to relax
  • Whose library card gets the most use?
    • Janey who grew up too poor to afford books
  • Who has a secret knitting hobby?
    • Del
  • Who speaks more than one language?
    • Mick, Mateo, Archie, Peter, Daniel
  • Who reads poetry?
    • Mick
  • Most likely to watch reality tv?
    • Daniel finds the shows hilarious
  • Least likely to own an umbrella?
    • Mateo who had to often stand in the rain as a gang lookout
  • Most likely to attend a large rock festival?

Amy loves them

  • What would be a great gift for each character?
  • Kit- tickets to a theme park with lots of roller coasters
    • Mick- tickets to the symphony
    • Amy- a stereo upgrade for her muscle car
    • Hugh- football playoff tickets on the 50-yard-line
    • Janey- pricey standing mixer now that she will have a real kitchen
    • Mateo- gift card to a men’s store where he can finally pick out his own clothing
    • Archie- new throwing knife set
    • Del- new pair of designer heels
    • Peter- new circular saw for his woodworking hobby
    • Malachai- new cashmere cardigan
    • Daniel- Converse Chucks in an obnoxious color
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