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My adventures in being edited

When I decided to self=publish, I knew I needed an editor. I wanted my first book to be as good as possible and I am well-aware of my newbie skills!  I put out a request for suggestions on Facebook and the talented Audra North suggested Lauren Plude.  I will admit, I was intimidated at first.  Lauren has some serious publishing experience.  But I swallowed my fear and contacted her.  I thought it was a good omen that she had recently moved to North Carolina, where I live!

Her immediate excitement about my project was gratifying.  At that point, I had been through so many revisions, I was sick and tired of my manuscript.  But she re-ignited my creative spark with her suggestions.  She also encouraged me to go further, to add elements to make it into the series I had dreamed of. And she stayed with me every step of the way.

It was so much more that I had ever hoped for from such a partnership.  I am extremely proud of this book that came about because of her involvement.  To top it off, her prices are very reasonable and within my budget!

If you need an editor, I strongly recommend Lauren.  I know I will continue to use her!

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