Broken Bits

Broken Bits

Kit Foster thought a week in the woods would be the perfect way to recover from the family scandal that shattered her world.  No reporters, no gossip and no drama.  Then a helicopter dumps an injured man in her path.

Mick Harris is having a bad day.  It was bad enough that he was caught during an op, but then he was beaten and left for dead in the middle of a forest.  He is lucky to be alive, but now he is at the mercy of Kit- the only person who knows the route home.

During the time it takes to hike back to civilization, Kit and Mick become friends and explore their growing attraction.  While the way out is hampered by bad memories and an assassin, they manage to grow close enough to attempt a real relationship.

However, that bliss is short-lived when Mick’s job again threatens Kit’s life and destroys their happiness.

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